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Mouse House Estate Agents - a new way to sell your house

Mouse House aims to save the UK house sellers £3 billion in estate agent fees!

With over a million houses predicted to be sold in 2014, Mouse House has launched a new way to sell your home aimed at saving the UK house seller £3 billion in estate agent fees!

Through Mouse House, home sellers can upload their own property information, such as photographs and room descriptions, from the comfort of their own home in a similar way to how Ebay and Autotrader works.  Mouse House then takes over the selling of the property providing a full estate agency service including advertising all of their properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and many more property websites.

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Mouse House set up this unique service, the first of its kind in the UK, in response to the changing property market. The internet now plays an important role in the way people buy houses. According to Zoopla 93% of house buyers use the internet to search for a property.  However, no estate agents have offered a service which enables home owners to upload information about their property and sell online.

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Mouse House has responded to these changes by developing an estate agency business which uses technology to pass on savings to the customer. In addition, they don’t have expensive high street branches but use a central location with extended opening hours to support their clients. By making use of online technology they can offer the UK’s cheapest estate agency fee of £295 (inc VAT) saving their customers an average of £3000 on estate agent fees.

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According to Mark Whitehead co-founder of Mouse House,

“Many other industries have moved to selling online – travel agents are just one example. I see estate agency as being no different. As property sales are improving we want to help the UK house seller to save money by providing a low cost private house sales service supported by a professional estate agency set up”

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To find out more about selling your home with Mouse House take a look at the website


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